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Naseema Sparks


President 2009-2010
President 2009
Naseema is an experienced 'top-line growth' director with strong experience in technology-driven business models disrupting traditional industry sectors. Naseema has publicly listed and private equity experience and has strong strategic skills across many sectors, including the digital economy. She has a history of working with 'disruptive innovation' to realise revenue & EBITDA growth and a sustainable differentiation for the organisation. She also has good experience as a director in turnaround situations, example PMP Ltd and Melbourne IT Ltd. Her expertise is future-focused and includes business strategy, marketing, new brand management, e-commerce, retail, financial services, media (incl. digital & social), technology services and manufacturing. Naseema has had hands-on management experience in creative & innovation industries, where the drivers of growth and differentiation are continuous innovation via IP and / or technology, together with creating a change-mindset & culture.