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CEW supports an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament and a Yes vote in the Voice Referendum.

Our purpose is to empower women to create a truly inclusive nation. We advocate for diverse women leaders at every decision-making table. The Voice will ensure that First Nations women are empowered politically, culturally, economically and socially to create a better Australia for all.

As advocates for a world where everyone has equal social and economic choices and responsibilities, we recognise this Referendum as a crucial step in ensuring our First Nations peoples have a say on decisions that will impact their communities on the path to Reconciliation.

We celebrate the women who have played a vital role in the Reconciliation movement and stand together with our First Nations members to support the Voice to Parliament. 

Women leaders play a central role in driving change

Women have played a vital role in the Reconciliation movement. Shelley Reys AO – CEO, Arrilla Indigenous Consulting, Partner of KPMG Australia; Board member, Organising Committee for the Olympic Games; Chair, Council for the Order of Australia, and CEW member says:

“Women have played a central, significant, and powerful role in the movement for reconciliation, bringing diverse people together in their communities, neighbourhoods, and workplaces, courageously standing up for the rights of First Nations peoples. We again place trust in women’s courageousness to begin a conversation in their sphere of influence, fuelled by facts and common sense.”

Shelley has created a short video that outlines the innate value of the Voice. It addresses the myths and misconceptions in circulation and is made for those who want to learn more about the Voice and have more informed discussions with those around them. 

We encourage you to share Shelley’s video within your sphere of influence to help inform people about the Voice.

Share the video here.