CEW Leaders

Are you ready to be truly you?

An inspiring and empowering pathway to enable women to become unique and distinct leaders of the future.

The CEW Leaders Program has been developed to equip women to fulfill their leadership potential.

The program provides women with the skills to take their place alongside men so that organisations deliver the best possible outcome for customers, shareholders, and the community. 

Designed and facilitated by CEW members it provides, a different lens on leadership, a fresh look at navigating the corporate world, time for personal and collective reflection, pathways to build confidence, and advance networks to fulfill goals through people-to-people connections.

Why choose the CEW Leaders Program.

say their organisations
benefited due to their

gained increased
confidence in their
leadership ability

increased their industry
networking and relationship
building skills

The CEW Leaders Program will:


    • recognise and further develop leadership potential


    • Identify and commit to areas for personal and professional development through the personal audit


    • participants a better understanding of
      a range of different organisational cultures
      and how to operate in these environments.


    • relationships and take a leadership role in supporting men and women

** Whilst CEW will endeavour to hold the program face-to-face, we may need to hold certain blocks online (or dates postponed) due to COVID **

The CEW Leaders Program is a leadership program developed to inspire and equip women to fulfill their leadership potential.
The Program is intimate, collegiate, challenging and most importantly provides time for reflection.


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