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When you commit to women in leadership, you begin a journey to better financial performance and improved company culture. You become a leader and an advocate for gender equity.

As a CEW Supporter you will join some of Australia’s most respected companies publicly committing to gender balance, joining our vision and enabling CEW to continue to empower women in leadership.

Be recognised

  • Acknowledged as a Sponsor on the CEW website
  • Access to purchase CEW State Dinner tickets/tables
  • Join the waitlist to become a CEW Annual Dinner Sponsor
  • Profile your commitment to gender balance and CEW support on your website and social media, with co-promotion where applicable

Be connected

  • Be invited to CEW thought leadership and research launch events including the ASX200 Senior Executive Census
  • Secure a 15% Supporters-only discount for up to three participants on the CEW Leaders Program
  • Graduates of the CEW Leaders Program gain access to the CEW Connect community network and its events featuring subject matter experts and CEW member speakers

Be informed

  • Exclusive invites for your CEO and executive team to our annual, Supporters-only webinar on the latest in gender balance research
  • Access CEW research and thought leadership materials
Sam Mostyn, CEW

Sam Mostyn AO
CEW President

How we empower women in Leadership

As a CEW Supporter, you help fuel CEW’s work including programs supporting the next generation of women leaders. CEW’s powerful research into gender equity drives real change in policy and practice.

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