Federal Election

Federal Election 2022

The federal election provides important opportunities to raise awareness of the key policy reforms needed to propel women’s participation and leadership and deliver a thriving and productive economy for Australia.

CEW’s 5 asks on the incoming government of Australia: CEW Federal Election Platform

CEW’s full policy platform for the 2022 Federal Election: CEW Federal Election Policy Paper

CEW’s media statement

Placing care at the centre of our economy

‘Leveraging women’s participation and leadership is one of the most effective actions for business and government to boost the Australian economy. We need to change the way we think about what drives our economy – we need to invest in our people and place care at the centre.’  Sam Mostyn AO, President, Chief Executive Women

If Australia acts now, we all win. This vision for Australia will be realised when we have:

  • Women leaders at every decision-making table
  • Women’s workforce participation enabled across all sectors
  • Women are economically secure and free from violence across their life course
  • Workplace flexibility for men and women to work and care.

We need a real commitment and action. CEW calls on the future government of Australia to:

  1. Invest in well-paid, secure jobs in care sectors
  2. Make quality early childhood education and care accessible and affordable
  3. Expand the Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave scheme for all parents
  4. Make workplaces safe from sexual harassment
  5. Appoint a gender balanced Cabinet

Solve Australia’s skill shortage by unlocking women’s economic participation: new study


CEW partnered with Impact Economics and Policy to release a new report, Addressing Australia’s Critical Skill Shortages: Unlocking Women’s Economic Participation.

The report found that increasing women’s participation in the paid workforce would address Australia’s current skills shortage and have long-lasting impact on productivity in Australia. Key findings include:

  • Halving the workforce participation gap between men and women would represent an additional 500,000 full-time skilled workers with post school qualifications. Job vacancies hit a record 423,500 in February 2022.
  • Engaging women in paid work at the same rate as men could unlock an additional one million full-time skilled workers in Australia. The National Skills Commission estimates the need for 1.2 million additional workers across the economy by 2026.

Read the report and media release.

Meeting with candidates

CEW members have met with candidates from all parties to outline CEW’s Federal Election Platform and asks from the next government of Australia. CEW is pleased to share a list of candidates who have endorsed CEW’s Policy Platform.

Candidates who have fully endorsed CEW’s Federal Election Platform so far

House of Representatives

  • Zoe Daniel, Independent Candidate for Goldstein VIC
  • Despi O’Connor, Independent Candidate for Flinders VIC
  • Allegra Spender, Independent Candidate for Wentworth NSW
  • Zali Steggall, Independent Candidate for Warringah NSW
  • Kylea Tink, Independent Candidate for North Sydney NSW


  • Jane Caro AM, Reason Party Candidate for the Senate
  • Prof. Kim Rubenstein,  Independent Candidate for the Senate ACT


  • Kate Chaney, Independent Candidate for Curtin WA