Chairman Conversation

ELT Conversation

The ELT Conversation is a tailored, impactful and practical step towards driving greater gender equality.

The ELT Conversation is a powerful and bespoke tool for CEOs and their executive leadership teams to progress gender diversity and inclusion.  It has been designed for organisations with low and medium gender diversity maturity.  It aims to engage the most senior leaders in understanding the important role they play in driving the advancement of women in their organisation.

The ELT Conversation is based on a partnership approach involving CEW members and the CEW Director Leadership Development, whose extensive experience in working with CEOs and their leadership teams, help develop best practice gender diversity strategies and action plans.

The conversation provides a safe and supportive environment to consider sensitive issues without judgment.  Our approach is both flexible and collaborative, making it suitable for organisations in the early implementation stages of their gender strategy, through to those who are more advanced.

Who will benefit

All CEOs and their executive teams who are looking to progress gender equality.

How it works

Prior to the conversation
CEW gathers qualitative data on gender diversity in the organisation.  Depending on an organisation’s maturity, this may include:

  • A Diagnostic Tool providing valuable analysis of the ELT’s strengths and areas for improvement. The tool is an on-line self-assessment across the four areas of the Your Leadership Shadow Model:  what I say, how I act, what I prioritise and how I measure
  • Analysis of quantitative data and policies
  • Employee interviews

The conversation
CEW facilitates a two-hour discussion identifying key inhibitors and enablers to improve gender balance.  As a result, the CEO and executive team commit to a set of leadership actions, at both a team and individual level.

Ongoing support
Post the conversation, CEW provides the organisation with a comprehensive report outlining recommendations and next steps/priorities.  If required, CEW can meet with the CEO and executive team 6-9 months after the ELT Conversation to discuss their progress against the actions committed to, troubleshoot issues and identify any further support needed.

For more information contact Kathy Finckh, Director Leadership Development.