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Your Leadership Shadow

The Leadership Shadow Workshop helps leaders understand the shadows they cast and how they can personally lead on gender diversity.

Chief Executive Women and the Male Champions of Change share a common goal: to make a significant and sustainable impact on the level of women in leadership in Australia.

They work together to identify approaches and practices, helping leaders understand their important role in achieving their organisation’s gender goals. One of these collaborations has resulted in a model called The Leadership Shadow.

The model is a simple means of assisting every leader become a champion of diversity and inclusion. It comprises four elements: what we say, how we act, what we prioritise and how we measure, which together determine what gets done (and what doesn’t).

The Leadership Shadow Workshop explores diversity and inclusion and how managers can lead the change by considering their words and actions via the four elements. Shadows are about decisions made, behaviours rewarded and recognised, and the conversations had. All of which will ensure a commitment to, and support for, diversity and inclusion throughout the organisation.


The workshop is a valuable resource for leaders of any size organisation who want to better understand how to create an organisational culture that values diversity and inclusion. It inspires a personal connection to the topic with accountability and opportunity.


The 3.5 hour workshop is run by a professional facilitator and a CEW member (where possible). It combines facilitator-led sessions with sharing experiences through storytelling, moving from small intimate group discussions to full room debates. An environment of trust is established where leaders can be honest and reflect on their actions, identifying opportunities for improvement.

The workshop can focus specifically on gender balance or address more broader diversity and inclusion issues. It can be tailored to meet the needs of a range of audiences, from the CEO and their senior executive teams, to workshop groups of 15-25 middle to senior level managers, to presentation style for larger auditorium groups.


  • Discussing the benefits of a more diverse workforce
  • Identifying where participants and their team sit on the Diversity Adoption Process curve
  • Debunking myths heard in many workplaces
  • Discussing backlash/resistance and steps to tackle it
  • Understanding the concept of the leadership shadow with participants reflecting on the impact of their leadership shadow
  • Determining actions to optimise participants’ leadership shadows via a personal action plan

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