Maureen Kerridge AM Scholarship now open for women in advertising and media

Chief Executive Women and the Kerridge family are inviting applications for the Maureen Kerridge AM Scholarship for women leaders in media and advertising.

The scholarship will contribute up to $35,000 fund study at a relevant course anywhere in the world. It was established in memory of Maureen Kerridge AM and her achievements as a pioneering woman in media.

CEW member Belinda Rowe said the scholarship was an incredible opportunity for a talented woman leader in advertising, communications and all forms of media to forward their career and develop their leadership skills.

“Maureen was a pioneer as a first and only female CEO of a Television Network with a deep commitment to uplifting women leaders. This scholarship is a fantastic way to honour her legacy. We look forward to seeing where this opportunity will take the next generation of women leaders in this industry.”

The scholarship is open for mid-senior women leaders in the media and advertising industries to apply. On completion of the course the recipient will become a member of the CEW alumni community, CEW Connect.

Last year’s recipient Michelle Baltazar, Executive Director – Media at the Rainmaker Group studied Technology Management at MIT.

“This scholarship is a priceless gift.  I thought I understood the impact of new technologies on businesses and communities, but nothing prepared me for what I took away from my course.  I’m grateful for the opportunity provided by CEW to become a future-ready leader.”

CEW invites women leaders in marketing and advertising to Scholarships close on June 14 and more information can be found here:

CEW member Maureen Kerridge AM was the first woman to run an Australian television network, Seven, and the first woman CEO of a free-to-air television network globally. Maureen passed away in 2020 and was posthumously awarded an Order of Australia for her significant service to the television industry, the arts and charitable organisations.