Alison Kitchen


Alison Kitchen
CEW Member


Alison is a senior partner in KPMG Australia’s Audit practice. As the lead engagement partner on several of the firm’s largest publicly-listed audits, Alison has an important role in the assurance process for Australia’s capital markets.

In her 30 years with KPMG, Alison has helped build the firm’s assurance capability and reputation in the market, attaining the rare honour of having been the lead audit partner on four ASX Top 50 clients.

Admitted as a Partner in 1994, Alison rapidly rose to seniority and, in 2000, was appointed Head of the Energy and Natural Resources Practice. From 2009 to 2012, Alison was the Partner in Charge of the Melbourne Audit Group, delivering approximately $60 million per annum in revenue. Most recently, Alison again ran KPMG's Australian National Energy and Natural Resources practice, which is responsible for the firm’s Mining, Oil and Gas and Utilities Practices, and delivering approximately 12 per cent of the firm’s $1.12 billion revenue.

Alison is the current Chair of the Partner Remuneration and Nomination Committee for KPMG Australia. This role oversees the decisions of management in the remuneration process and is considered one of the most senior roles in the firm.

Alison also has an extensive non-executive director portfolio, including the Earth Resources Development Council, the University of Melbourne, the Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention and the Australian Gold Council.

Alison has been instrumental in strengthening KPMG’s female partner pipeline, actively supporting the development of female talent through mentoring and sponsorship. She championed the development of the firm’s market-leading diversity strategy and established its Diversity Leadership Council.

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