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Anne Gorman
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My name is Anne Gorman and the best way to introduce myself is to speak directly to you, the reader on this CEW website.

After graduating from Sydney University with a Masters Degree I began my professional working life as a medical social worker in a big Sydney (3000 bed) Metropolitan hospital.

Then I changed careers for awhile in favour of a life in the very fertile district of the Australian Riverina where my husband and I grew sheep and wheat and other crops on a broad acre property of 2000 acres. That was my first, but by no means my last, experience of running a medium size business.

It was an idyllic life and a great place for raising a family. But it all came to a tragic end, when my husband died during the my children's formative years. Regretfully I sold the farming operation and moved back to Sydney, taking up my former career again, first in an academic posting and later as an adviser to a Government Minister as a senior executive in a large Government Department.

In the years that followed I worked as a consultant with some of the biggest consulting firms in the world in designing organizational change programs for some of the world's most prestigious corporations. My achievements in this area led to opportunities to represent my county at International Conferences, (Hong Kong, Singapore, Moscow) and eventually the award of a traveling fellowship to the US. Just over ten years ago and already with a rich career behind me, I grasped the opportunity to transfer what I'd learned throughout those years, to the emerging field of executive coaching. Together with an American colleague John Matthews, we established the Australian Institute of Executive Coaching.

Since its inception the Institute has trained and accredited over 3000 executive coaches amongst them managers and leaders in corporate environments who practice their skills throughout the world. In recognition of my achievements I was awarded the Australian Prime Minister's Centenary Award for Business Leadership. In 2004 I retired from the Institute and have taken on two chairmanships in the not- for- profit sector. an organization dedicated to the early education of very young and vulnerable aboriginal children and an organization advising Catholic schools and other Catholic employers on the employment needs of their workplaces.

Recently I established a web site as a way, in my semi- retired years, of sharing my professional experiences with a wider audience.

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