Brooke Miller


Brooke Miller
CEW Member

BP Australia
Chief Financial Officer

Brooke Miller is the Chief Financial Officer for BP Australia and New Zealand. After receiving an MBA from Melbourne Business School, Brooke joined BP and has held a variety of roles including General Manager for Elite Customer Solutions – the BP Business Service Centre which provides services across finance, sales and marketing and logistics with a staff of ~500 employees; Regional Director for BP Solar Australasia responsible for the manufacturing and deployment of solar energy throughout the Asia Pacific; and General Manager of BP Bitumen Australia, a national manufacturing and sales operation.

Brooke's career started in landscape architecture and town planning, and she holds a Bachelor of Planning & Design and a Master of Landscape Architecture. Following university she was involved in the design and construction of commercial scale projects for the best part of a decade.

As the daughter of a (now retired) senior female executive in a multinational corporation, and now as the mother of 2 young children including one daughter, Brooke has an unwavering belief in the vision and mission of CEW and its role in creating and expanding opportunities for women both now and into the future. Brooke has seen the difference this has made in for her own family, and is committed to paying this forward.

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