Catherine Yeomans


Catherine Yeomans
CEW Member

Mission Australia
Chief Executive Officer

Catherine Yeomans is the Chief Executive Officer of Mission Australia, a non-denominational Christian community service organisation that has been helping people to regain their independence for over 155 years. With 3,500 employees across Australia, Mission Australia is one of the country’s largest NFP organisations.

Catherine was appointed CEO in March 2014. Prior to this, Catherine served as Chief Operating Officer, and during that time held responsibility for functional areas including advocacy, media, marketing, fundraising, HR, legal, IT, procurement and property.

Originally from a legal background, Catherine has held senior management roles in a broad spectrum of fields across the corporate sector. She is also a Director of Mission Australia Early Learning, Mission Australia Housing, Mission Australia Housing (Victoria) and Many Rivers Microfinance Limited.

Catherine is passionate about social justice and actively speaks out against inequality on behalf of the people Mission Australia serves.

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