Claire Peters


Claire Peters
CEW Member

Managing Director, Woolworths Supermarkets
Woolworths Limited

Claire Peters was appointed Managing Director, Woolworths Supermarkets in June 2017.

Claire has over 22 years of experience in retail and began her career in the UK working for grocery retailer, Tesco. During this time, she held a variety of senior roles including Regional Retail Director; Managing Director, Large Stores; and Commercial Director, Healthcare & Baby, Beauty and Toiletries. In 2014, Claire moved to Thailand to take up COO responsibilities for Tesco Thailand.

Claire holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Economics and Sociology from the University of Loughborough, UK.

Claire was the first woman to be made COO in the Tesco group. Over her three years in Thailand, she promoted and recruited four women into director roles, traditionally held by men, and left a workforce of 60,000 people with 60% of store manager roles and 40% of director level roles filled by women.

In the UK, as Commercial Director, her team launched "Tesco loves baby”, an internal forum for colleagues to share parenting experiences.

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