Debra Eckersley


Debra Eckersley
CEW Member


Debra is Managing Partner- Human Capital at PwC and is responsible for the design and implementation of the firm’s people strategy which includes talent, development, performance and transformation for over 5,000 people. She is also PwC’s Human Capital Transformation leader across Asia which is enabling her to develop a greater understanding of working across diverse cultures and economies.

Debra also continues to work with clients on the alignment of strategy, performance and remuneration. She is one of Australia's leading executive remuneration advisers and works with many top ASX listed boards to help them to balance the expectations of internal and external stakeholders. Debra was previously the Australian leader of Consulting's People and Change team.

Debra has recently taken on executive responsibility for diversity and inclusion and is excited by the opportunities to make a difference at PwC and beyond. Debra has mentored many PwC women including the sponsorship of female partners into the people consulting team and has a passion for supporting women into leadership.

There is still much work to do to deliver lasting change within the Australian community on true gender equality and I am confident that CEW will continue to play a major role in facilitating that change. I am very excited to be joining forces with such an amazing selection of women at CEW on that journey.

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