Dolla Merrillees


Dolla Merrillees
CEW Member

Director and Chief Executive Officer
Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Dolla Merrillees was appointed Director of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) in 2016. The Museum comprises the Powerhouse Museum, the Sydney Observatory and the Museum’s Discovery Centre. The Museum, founded in 1879, profiles one of the world’s great collections and is an interdisciplinary institution that sits at the intersection of arts, design, science and technology.

Prior to her current appointment, Dolla was Director of Curatorial, Collections and Exhibitions at MAAS.

Dolla is working to transform the organisation by introducing contemporary methods of content delivery using digital technology and innovation. She is also charged with the delivery of a proposed new state-of-the-art museum to be located at Parramatta.

Dolla’s career includes managing and developing exhibitions, public and educational programs and collections at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and the Powerhouse Museum; disseminating information on sectoral issues at the Australia Council for the Arts; exhibition management at the Biennale of Sydney; and a five year tenure at Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation championing research, education and exhibitions of significant and innovative contemporary visual practice from Australia, the Asia-Pacific and West Asia. Dolla holds a Bachelor of Arts, History & Arts, from Murdoch University and a Graduate Certificate of Museum Studies from Deakin University.

Given a high proportion of women employees, Dolla has introduced programs for development of their leadership skills and plays an active role in mentoring and coaching.

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