Julia King AM


Julia King AM
CEW Member

Julia King, previous Oceania Chief Executive of Louis Vuitton

As one of only a few women who have achieved "in the boardroom" status at the highest corporate level in Australia, Julia is certainly an extraordinary woman.

After enjoying 20 years in the advertising industry Julia was on the verge of retirement when she was offered the position of Australian Chief Executive with Louis Vuitton and Lowe. Seven years later and under her guidance, the company had been through a major expansion program, with the number of stores increasing and sales up 32%. Julia has a strong track record of building sustainable, profitable retail enterprises, with in-depth knowledge of media and marketing. Under her management Louis Vuitton's operations grew from 3 stores to become one of the best-known, international premium product brands in the region. Furthermore, Julia has been actively involved in developing strategies for a number of Australian and international retailers. In 1991 Julia was named Business Review Weekly's Marketing Person of the Year. An executive with attitude, Julia's willingness to succeed has seen her become one of the success stories of Australia's retail industry.

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