Libby Roy


Libby Roy
CEW Member

PayPal Australia and New Zealand

Libby Roy is the CEO of PayPal Australia and New Zealand, one of Australia’s most significant companies and at the forefront of the digital payments revolution, processing almost 10 million payments for customers per day. Libby is focused on managing the company through its recent separation from eBay, building PayPal as an independent digital wallet provider for consumers and a payment partner for merchants.

Libby is working collaboratively with Australian businesses and industry partners to help respond to the evolving payments landscape and accelerate and enable commerce in Australia. She also serves as an Executive Committee member of the PayPal Asia Pacific Leadership Team.

Before joining PayPal, Libby was a Director of Corporate Super for AMP, where she was responsible for the Corporate Super P&L, which represented over $20 billion in funds and was the largest acquisition channel for AMP.

Libby started her career with Booz Allen, where she led major growth, change and restructuring programs for global Fortune 500 companies.

Libby has long been an advocate for diversity. Over the past year she has given several talks, in association with the CEO Circle, on why diversity matters and how CEOs can make a difference in their own organisations. At Paypal Australia and New Zealand,, she has already set in place a diversity agenda for the organisation that will focus on women in the first instance. Libby has been invited to be keynote speaker at the Inaugural Women in Payments conference in 2016.

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