Lynette Mayne AM


Lynette Mayne AM
CEW Member

The B Team Australasia

Lynette has over 30 years of international business experience as CEO, Director and Chair. She has worked on most continents including a decade in New York and more recently in Australia where she established new divisions or enhanced existing businesses for major corporations. This included creating two new divisions for Lendlease Corporation, one of the largest and most respected Australian companies, in financial services in Australia and Asia, and then globally in technology and telecommunications.

Subsequently Lynette was Owner and Executive Chair of Work Wear World, a leading provider of uniforms to major corporations. It received several international awards and the employees had a significant beneficial interest in the company.

Lynette is a director of Chief Executive Women comprised of Australia's leading female CEOs and for the last decade has run its Leaders Program which takes around 200 female executives through the program in Australia and Asia each year. She also runs a leadership program in the Pacific for the Asian Development Bank, and the Australian and New Zealand governments, in addition to representing Australia at APEC.

Lynette has had extensive board experience in addition to her CEO roles and after the sale of her business in 2016, has now taken on the role of Co-Chair of The B Team Australasia, a not-for-profit initiative formed by a global group of business leaders led by Richard Branson, to catalyse a better way of doing business, for the wellbeing of people and the planet.

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