Meredith Hellicar


Meredith Hellicar
CEW Member

Merryck & Co
Managing Director

Meredith assists chief executives, boards and leadership teams to devise an expanded or changed future for their businesses and to achieve improved performance outcomes through strategic, operational and cultural changes. She has particular interest and skills in helping her clients to develop their values-based leadership and self awareness and to coalesce and motivate high performance teams.

Meredith has had a diverse executive and board career, encompassing financial and other professional services, manufacturing, energy and mineral resources, logistics, leisure, airport, telecommunications and environment sectors. Her senior executive career has included a range of CEO roles as well as line, strategic and functional roles. Her non-executive career has included the Chairmanship of Australian public and private companies, international boards and committees. She has also been a non-executive Director of a number of Government and not-for-profit boards and boards of employee owned companies, represented a foreign stakeholder on a group of boards in Australia and sat on the advisory board of a family company and of the Australian business of a foreign company.

Meredith has successfully led several significant start-up and change (strategic, cultural and operational) management programmes, including:

+ merging five legal practices into a single national practice, together with extensive structural, operational and cultural change;

+ developing an Asia logistics business strategy and establishing and growing the resulting businesses across five countries, including China, Indonesia and Thailand

+ strategy development, reorganization, operational and profit improvement of a financial consulting business

+ restructuring industrial relations practices, reducing government involvement in business operations, developing a solution to industry unfunded liabilities and initiating and gaining company support for practical greenhouse response actions in the NSW and Australian coal industry

+ rebuilding an international board and establishing appropriate governance policies and practices

+ devising and implementing various approaches to talent identification, performance assessment and executive development, and

+ chairing a consortium which bid for the acquisition of a major public asset.

Meredith also has extensive experience in crisis management with major listed companies, involving multiple stakeholder interests, corporate restructuring, changes in executive leadership and board composition and the delivery of sustainable long-term outcomes.

In addition to her work as a mentor, coach, consultant and psychotherapist (specializing in depression and work related issues), Meredith volunteers as a telephone crisis counsellor with Lifeline and with the Salvation Army Red Shield Mosman Zone Committee.

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