Rosemary Huxtable PSm


Rosemary Huxtable PSm
CEW Member

Secretary, Department of Finance
Government of the Commonwealth of Australia

Rosemary Huxtable is Secretary of the Australian Department of Finance. She is responsible for the range of significant services delivered by the Department, including supporting the delivery of the Australian Government Budget, oversight of the financial framework of Australian government agencies, shareholder aspects of government business enterprises and the ongoing management of the Australian Government's non-defence domestic property portfolio and key asset sales. As Secretary of a Commonwealth central agency, she has a leading role in enabling collaboration and driving public sector modernisation.

Rosemary joined the Department of Finance in 2013 as Deputy Secretary of Budget and Financial Reporting and has led the Department’s contributions to many economic updates including four Budgets. Prior to joining Finance, she was a Deputy Secretary in the Department of Health and Ageing with responsibility for policies and programs in the areas of ageing and aged care, mental health and e-health. She has been a key player in significant health reforms, particularly those to Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and hospital financing. In 2005 she received a Public Service Medal for her work on Medicare.

Rosemary has extensive experience in the areas of health and community services across the public and private sectors, including a period on ministerial staff, managing a private consulting business based in Western Australia, and more than 25 years’ experience in Commonwealth administration.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Political Science from the University of Tasmania and has attended several government sponsored leadership studies, particularly in Asia.

She has been a mentor and active champion of women and, as only the second woman to run the Commonwealth Department of Finance, has a central role in public sector transformation and in driving the participation of women as leaders of the Commonwealth public service.

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