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Respect. It’s everyone’s business.

Stories about sexual harassment in workplaces around Australia have been shocking and disappointing. It has got to stop. It is time to change and with urgency.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a barrier to women’s workforce participation, with the potential to derail career progression. It also comes at a significant cost to women, and to Australia. In 2018, it was estimated that the annual cost of sexual harassment to the Australian economy was estimated at $3.8 billion.

To help facilitate change CEW created Respect is Everyone’s Business. This dedicated microsite is focused on the ‘how’ – how to go about driving change using the power of conversations about sexual harassment in the workplace. The site includes guidance to support a range of outcomes, like how to navigate potential resistance, how to initiate appropriate action, effective communication and how to report on progress.

Created for CEW members by CEW members, these resources are designed to help facilitate conversations at leadership tables around the country to drive commitment and focus on eradicating sexual harassment in the workplace.

This digital toolkit comes at an important moment in time, with the ‘Set the Standard’ report on parliamentary workplace culture by Kate Jenkins reminding all Australians this week that there is so much to be done to create safe, inclusive and respectful workplaces for all.

Thank you to the CEW members who contributed to the creation of this important resource.

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