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Chief Executive Women welcomes new members

Chief Executive Women welcomes new members

Chief Executive Women (CEW) is delighted to welcome 117 new members today, bolstering the membership rank to almost 1,000 women leaders. The growth in membership reflects the breadth of talented women in leadership roles in Australia and overseas.

New members include senior executive women representing business, government, and not-for-profit sectors. Notably, in this year’s intake one in five new members were nominated for CEW membership based on their significant impact, reputation and influence within their industry or community.

Chief Executive Women Board member and Membership Committee Chair Nicole Hollows said CEW looks forward to collaborating with new members to support gender equity initiatives and deliver its mission – women leaders enabling women leaders.

CEW has long advocated for women’s representation at every decision-making table around the country. Congratulations to CEW’s newest members, women leaders from a diverse range of sectors from corporate Australia alongside leaders from not-for-profit, the arts and importantly, growth sectors like STEM and health.

“In this year’s intake, CEW is delighted to welcome new members of significant impact and influence in business, the economy, cultural and political environments. These women leaders have made significant and positive impacts to their industry and their community.

We look forward to working in partnership with our new members to advance CEW’s advocacy and thought leadership work, as well as our Scholarships and Leaders Program, to support women in leadership and accelerate Australia’s gender equity agenda,

Hollows said.

Congratulations and welcome to CEW’s newest members.

Fiona Allan Georgina Harrisson Rosemary Sinclair AM
Megan Anwyl Kate Hart Anna Skarbek
Linda Apelt Allison Hill Suzanne Smith
Suzanne Ardagh Sarah Hill Belinda Speirs
Kate Axup Dorothy Hisgrove Maria Stamoulis
Leah Balter Cassandra Hogan Amanda Steele
Keir Barnes Eileen Hoggett Miriam Stiel
Bronwyn Barnes Kate Howitt Vanessa Stoykov
Madeleine Beaumont Katie Hudson Louise Sullivan
Susan Beeston Amanda Hughes Sandra Sully
Jun Bei Liu Olivia Humphrey Nikki Thomas
Corinne Best Jane Hunter Kate Thorley
Jo-Anne Bloch Jane Huxley Monika Tu
Michelle Blum Marie Jackson Jaki Virtue
Melanie Bourke Catriona Jackson Sonja Vodusek
Aimee Buchanan Elizabeth Jameson AM Kylie Walker
Fay Calderone Ronni Kahn AO Jacqui Walshe
Liz Carnabuci Marlene Kanga AO Philippa Watson
Jasmine Chambers Christine Kilpatrick AO Kylie Watson-Wheeler
Julie Cogin Kate Koch Kris Webb
Margaret Cole Tamar Krebs Karen Webb APM
Katie Cooper Alexis Lindsay Catherine West
Martina Crowley Ingrid Maes Liz Westcott
Bernadette Cullinane Ana Marinkovic Liesel Wett OAM
Kate Dee Maree McCabe AM Anna Whitlam
Shelley Dolan Therese McCarthy Hockey Kate Wickett
Susan Donnelly Gai McGrath Carly Wishart
Jacqueline Downes Wendy McMillan Megan Wynne
Frances Drummond Elizabeth McNamara Nareen Young
Lillian Fadel Janet Menzies Jenny Young
Shannon Finch Jo Mikleus Vanessa Zimmerman
Marguerite Fitzgerald Megan Motto
Annika Freyer Jane Murray
Catherine Friday Suzy Nicoletti
Michelle Fyfe APM Kylie O’Connor
Sunita Gloster Clare O’Connor
Christa Gordon Tanya Oziel
Suzie Gough Molly Harriss Olson
Elayne Grace Denice Pitt
Kiera Grant Samantha Read
Rachel Grimes AM Amanda Rischbieth
Jodie Hampshire Susan Rix AM
Eva Hanly Claire Robbs



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