CEW welcomes ‘Working For Women’, a national strategy to achieve gender equality

Media release: CEW Welcomes ‘Working For Women’, A National Strategy To Achieve Gender Equality

Chief Executive Women (CEW) has welcomed the National Strategy to Achieve Gender Equality. 

Released today by the federal Minister for Women, Katy Gallagher, the strategy outlines priority areas for improvements in women’s affairs, including a commitment to paying superannuation on Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave. 

CEW president Sue Lloyd-Hurwitz said the creation of a national strategy to address gender inequality was an important step to delivering meaningful progress and was pleased to see government committing to many of CEW’s advocacy asks over recent years. 

“Today’s announcement on paying superannuation on Commonwealth paid parental leave is a significant step to addressing the 25 per cent superannuation gap between men and women at retirement. With a number or organisations having led the way in this area we call on all employers to take this same step,” she said. 

CEW was also pleased to see government commit to many of the priority areas the organisation advocates for, such as: 

  • Evaluate the expanded Government Paid Parental Leave Scheme, including men’s uptake of Paid Parental Leave 
  • Explore how social security settings and tax can better recognise the economic participation of those performing unpaid care 
  • Respond to Productivity Commission and ACCC inquiries into early childhood education and care, to make it more affordable and accessible 
  • Take action to attract and retain workers, including men, in the care and support economy 
  • Explore options to remove financial disincentives for students pursuing qualifications in the care and support sectors 
  • Work with the private sector to encourage companies to boost representation on private boards and in executive positions 
  • Use government procurement to drive gender equality 
  • Consider the impacts of women’s reproductive health issues including peri-menopause and menopause 
  • Continue to invest in evidence-based approaches to ending gender-based violence

Ms Lloyd-Hurwitz said the government’s commitments in the strategy were important as they set a clear agenda that will deliver economic and societal benefits for all Australians once realised. 

“Reform that accelerates gender equality by addressing rigid gender norms and increasing women’s personal safety, financial security and workforce participation, brings social and economic benefits to the entire country. Deloitte research has found $128 billion could be added to Australia’s economy each year if we had more flexible ideas around gender norms,” she said. 

“CEW is calling on the Government to allocate critical investment in the upcoming Federal Budget as the next critical moment for gender equality in this country.  

The Government has the opportunity, right now, to build an economy that reflects modern Australia and delivers greater productivity by investing in gender equality for the good of all — men and women.” 

CEW’s Pre Budget Submission can be viewed here. 

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