Lisa Green: Pioneering the Path for Women in Data Science

In the world of data science, where innovation and leadership play a pivotal role, women have been steadily breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings. Their contributions are invaluable, yet there is still a gender gap to overcome. The inaugural CEW Actuaries Women Leader in Data Science scholarship winner, Lisa Green, is a prime example of this ongoing transformation. As a Data & AI Solutions Executive at Telstra, Lisa’s remarkable achievements have earned her the opportunity to attend Harvard’s prestigious “Growing as a Purposeful Leader” course.

Empowering Women in Data Science

The field of data science has seen impressive growth in recent years, with applications spanning across industries, from healthcare to finance, and everything in between. Despite this growth, the representation of women in leadership roles within the data science community has been relatively low. According to recent statistics, only 26% of data professionals are women, and just 16% hold leadership positions in the field.

Lisa’s story stands out as a testament to the resilience and ambition of women in data science. As the recipient of the CEW Actuaries Women Leader in Data Science scholarship, she has not only achieved personal success but is also inspiring the next generation of women data scientists to pursue their dreams and take their place as leaders in this dynamic industry.

Lisa is a visionary leader who believes in the power of data and AI to transform businesses and society. With extensive experience delivering digital solutions for the telecommunications and finance sectors, Lisa is passionate about using AI and advanced analytics to enhance customer experiences, optimise operations, and deliver high-quality products to customers.

As the Data and AI Solutions Executive at Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications and technology company, Lisa is accountable for driving the scaled adoption of AI and advanced analytics across the company. In her role, Lisa plays a critical role in realising Telstra’s digital leadership ambitions by embedding AI into all critical processes and delivering capability that enables the swift adoption of emerging technology

Lisa’s journey to becoming a leader in data science is a testament to her passion and dedication. She has been an advocate for the promotion of diversity and inclusion within the field and has been a vocal supporter of women in data science.  She says:

“Whilst there are times where I am still the only women in a room full of men, today I am proud to be part of a very diverse and high-performing senior leadership team but that is no accident. My hope is that my girls, and their children, will not endure these same challenges. The pace of change however means they very likely will. My call to action is this, if we all do one small thing, we can accelerate that change”

The scholarship awarded to Lisa Green symbolizes the changing landscape of data science and the growing recognition of the immense talent that women bring to the field. Her journey from a passionate data scientist to an executive at a major corporation serves as a shining example for women aspiring to excel in data science.

As we celebrate Lisa’s remarkable achievements, we are reminded of the pressing need for more women leaders in data science. By supporting and promoting talented individuals like Lisa, we can create a more diverse and inclusive future for data science, where gender is no longer a barrier to success. Lisa Green’s story is a beacon of hope for women in data science, and her legacy will undoubtedly inspire many more to follow in her footsteps.