CEW Leadership Shadow

Your Leadership Shadow

The Leadership ShadowChief Executive Women and the Male Champions of Change share a common goal: to make a significant and sustainable change to the low levels of women in leadership in Australia. We are working together to identify approaches, put them into practice and make them widely available. One of our collaborations has resulted in a management model called the Leadership Shadow.


‘Your Leadership Shadow’ involves a conversation with business leaders, facilitated by a CEW member, using the Leadership Shadow as a framework for a discussion on improving gender equality in leadership.

The Leadership Shadow model is designed to be a valuable resource for leaders of organisations of any size who want to better understand how to create an organisational culture that values, nurtures and attracts talented female executives. The model is a simple but effective means of helping every leader become a champion of gender diversity. It helps them think through how they can become the leader they need to be and bring about real change in an organisation.

As some of Australia’s most senior leaders, the CEW member facilitators come to the session with significant experience tackling business challenges and leading organisational change programs in addition a deep knowledge of paths to improving gender diversity in leadership.

They take the participants through four key questions: what I say; how I act; what I prioritise; how I measure. The model is flexible. Its core logic is universal, so anyone can use it wherever leadership is required and in any line of work.

In order for the discussion to have impact and create value, the intention of the CEW facilitator is to establish an environment of trust where leaders can be honest and reflect on their actions, identifying opportunities for improvement.

With this in mind, the goal of the session is to:
• Help leaders understand whether the imprint of their words and actions is as clear and powerful as they want it to be
• Identify practical actions leaders can take to optimise their shadow in a particular area
The program comprises a 2.5 hour session, including a group discussion and breakout session. The target participants are key talent pipeline populations, as well as senior executive intact teams (CEO -1 to CEO – 3).

An ideal group size is 10-20 per session.