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Your Leadership Shadow

The Your Leadership Shadow Workshop helps leaders understand the shadows they cast and how they can personally lead on gender diversity
The Leadership Shadow

Chief Executive Women and the Male Champions of Change share a common goal: to make a significant and sustainable impact on the level of women in leadership in Australia. They work together to identify approaches and practices, helping leaders understand their important role in achieving their organisation’s gender goals. One of these collaborations has resulted in a model called The Leadership Shadow.

The model is a simple means of assisting every leader become a champion of diversity and inclusion. It comprises four elements: what we say, how we act, what we prioritise and how we measure, which together determine what gets done (and what doesn’t).

The Your Leadership Shadow Workshop is a facilitator led program. It explores diversity and inclusion and how managers can lead the change by considering their words and actions via the four elements of the model.

The workshop is particularly impactful following a CEO conversation, as a way to cascade learnings and develop personal action plans for sustainable change.

For more information contact Kathy Finckh, Director Leadership Development.

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