Are you looking to accelerate your career by studying at Harvard or INSEAD?

CEW, in partnership with Roberta Sykes Indigenous Education Foundation is offering 3 scholarships to leading international business schools for women managers of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage.

Each scholarship winner can choose 1 of these programs to study:

1. Harvard Kennedy School, Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage 

Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage, delves into why we lead the way we do. The program offers a stimulating and challenging curriculum that invites you to learn how to exercise leadership with more courage, skill and effectiveness. You'll reflect on your deepest assumptions and most strongly held values, and then consider how those values and beliefs may have limited you in the past. For more information about this course, please visit HKS.

Ideal for:

  • Senior public officials at the national, state and local level
  • Corporate executives, including C-level, vice president and director
  • Nonprofit and NGO leaders

Program dates:
Online in 2021


2. Harvard Kennedy School, Creating Collaborative Solutions: Innovations in Governance 

Yesterday's institutions weren't designed for today's realities. The solution? Transform your capabilities in order to address emergent social challenges in a different way. Creating Collaborative Solutions: Innovations in Governance is a one-week executive program that reveals new modes of working collaboratively across traditional political and organisational boundaries to identify, understand and address emerging social problems. For more information about this course, please visit HKS.

Ideal for:

  • Government officials who want to work across jurisdictions or sectors to build new governance capacity
  • Entrepreneurs who have set out to find solutions to public problems using private-sector approaches
  • Leaders in the nonprofit sector who are building new service delivery models and political organisations
  • Corporate leaders who see their organisational mission fitting in a broader social context
  • Women working in positions or organisations that cross multiple sectors and stakeholders

Program dates:
Online in 2021


3. Harvard Kennedy School, Emerging Leaders

The nature and pace of political and economic events demands new ideas and approaches to leadership. This program is aimed at equipping up-and-coming managers with the skills to lead in this new era. It brings together an international cohort of emerging leaders and renowned Harvard faculty for an empowering and energising week of learning. You will return home inspired to enact change in your country. For more information, please visit HKS.

Ideal for:

  • Rising leaders with 5-15 years of professional experience
  • Political leaders, policymakers, government managers and military officers
  • Professionals from nonprofit organisations, public interest groups and the corporate sector.

Program dates:
Online 2021


4. Harvard Kennedy School, Women and Power: Leadership in a New World

The rise of women into society's most powerful leadership roles ranks among the most profound social transformations in recent decades. Women and Power is a one-week executive program that focuses on teaching effective leadership strategies, with an emphasis on creating successful alliances and enduring partnerships. At its core, the program is an intense experience designed to help women advance to top positions of influence in public leadership. For more information, please visit HKS.

Ideal for:

  • Senior level public officials serving at the national, state or local level
  • Senior level corporate executives
  • Nonprofit/NGO board members and senior administrators
  • Senior posts in national and international civil service
  • Senior elected and appointed public officials.

Program dates:
Online in 2021

Inclusions and obligations 

The scholarships includes tuition, economy class flights, accommodation, and most meals. Applicants must commit to attending the course on the dates specified. Upon return, the successful applicants must provide a report about their scholarship experience, and may also be required to speak at CEW events.

Instructions for applying

To apply, you must first register and satisfy the eligibility criteria then you will be directed to complete an online application. The application process will require you to provide your course preference and explanation of why you are the ideal candidate for this course.

Who should apply?

We are looking for middle and senior women managers across not-for-profit, government and corporate sectors with more than 5 years experience managing people and budgets.

To be eligible to apply, you must meet the minimum selection criteria:

  • Mid-level to senior managers (i.e. CEO, or no more than 3 levels down from CEO)
  • 5 or more years experience managing teams of 5 or more people, including managers
  • 2 or more years general management experience (i.e. business unit, line or functional management incorporating key responsibilities such as P&L management, strategic planning and people leadership)
  • Australian citizen or resident
  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

Women who work in start-ups or entrepreneurial roles are encouraged to apply.