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Chief Executive Women (CEW) has grown through the best and worst of times. Our members have seen the highs and lows of business and economic cycles and the subsequent impact on our community.

Our members have seen how tough times can bring out the best in us – they’ve been in the midst of challenges, dealing with circumstances, making decisions, finding new and innovative ways to do business, all while working toward a fairer world. CEW applauds strong, thoughtful leadership that will help our community and our economy recover from the current crisis. . .

CEW members are experienced, influential and impactful women. Most of all CEW members are leaders. And leadership is what Australia needs most right now, and in the coming period as the economy recovers.

As an organisation CEW supports all those who take on the most onerous, demanding roles and carrying the enormous burden of making difficult decisions on behalf of all Australians. CEW Members are leaders enabling more leaders.

At this unprecedented time, CEW calls for exemplary leadership that deals with today and has an eye on the future and the country we want to emerge from this crisis. CEW members are providing this leadership, and are seeing many more examples of it in the community. CEW applauds clear, empathetic, and wise leadership.

For now, we are staying home and we are practising social distance. Technology and social media means we are leading not from our workplaces, but from inside our homes.

But #leadfrominside means much more. It’s time to lead from the head and heart to bring greater humanity to our workplaces, and our community.

CEW calls for a gender lens to be applied to all decisions, and for organisations and governments to be particularly aware of disproportionate impact the coronavirus crisis will have on women.

Jennifer Westacott, source Business Council of Australia

Commending the support payments designed to keep Australians in jobs and keep them connected to their workplaces to bounce back the economy when we emerge from this challenge, CEW Member Jennifer Westacott Business Council of Australia source credit. 

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