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How to enable women leaders

Women are significantly under-represented in decision-making in Australia. The 2022 CEW Census found that at the current rate of progress it could take 100 years to achieve gender balance in CEO roles on the ASX200. 

We’re working to accelerate change and we need your help.  

More diversity through women’s voices at every level of leadership will deliver better decisions and more equitable outcomes for Australia. 

What can you do to enable women leaders? 

  1. Help us identify and support women looking to grow their leadership potential by sharing our scholarship opportunities with your network
  2. Supercharge a friend or colleague’s career by nominating them for our Leadership Development programs 
  3. Promote change within your own organisation by sharing our research on the benefits of diverse leadership and our recommendations to accelerate the pace of progress
  4. Attend the CEW Leadership Summit and bring people from your network who need to be inspired. Register your interest here. 

Imagine the momentum we would see if we could enable, empower and ignite 5,000 more women in the next five years to sit at every board room, at every Executive table, at every decision-making forum. The power of leadership development in those women will make this idea a reality.

Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz

Leadership Development

The CEW Leaders Program is a bespoke development program which prepares women leaders to become the next generation of executives. Designed and facilitated by CEW members, the Program is grounded in the strengths of its participants, and is independent, challenging, collegiate and reflective in nature. Women who take part emerge ready to step forward and lead with confidence. 2023 and 2024 enrolments are now open.  


The CEW Executive Leaders Program supports senior women to supercharge their career trajectory into executive and board positions. Too many women are overlooked for senior positions because of a perceived lack of impact or resonance. The ELP shows participants strategies to help overcome these perceptions through the science of gravitas. 


The Connect Signature Series is designed specifically for the Connect Community (Leadership Development and Scholarship alumni). This is a way to reconnect, be inspired and learn even more about unique leadership styles. These events will focus on two elements that we think are critical for contemporary leaders: building your ‘gravitas’ through body language and voice intelligence and creating and celebrating your unique and intriguing story.  


Our podcast, Driving the Equality Agenda has been a blast to capture and create for you to enjoy. Focused on different elements of leadership, we speak with past CEW President Sam Mostyn about communication and confidence, Man Cave CEO Hunter Johnson about toxic masculinity and Dr Louise Mahler, a body language and communications expert who explains how what we say with our body language conveys confidence. Listen and share: Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube 


We’ve been investing in women through our scholarships program for more than 30 years. Our scholarships offer women once-in-a-lifetime education opportunities at pivotal moment sin their career, giving them access to some of the world’s leading business schools and leadership opportunities. Almost 200 women have changed or progressed their career as a result and credit their success to a CEW scholarship.  

Supporting these scholars is an incredibly direct and rewarding method of championing the development of women leaders. 


There is a wealth of evidence that businesses with gender balance outperform others – when it comes to productivity, profit, decision-making, retention and culture. Despite this, women remain significantly underrepresented in senior executive teams across and in CEO roles among Australia’s top companies. 

However, as the 2022 CEW Census found, there are success stories to be found across the ASX300 and in various industries.  

The pace of progress, and the benefits that flow from it, can be accelerated, but it requires intentional action. Here’s what businesses can do. 

  1. Set and monitor gender targets for leadership teams and line roles.
  2. Lead from the top: 76% of men support gender equality, 17% prioritise taking action.
  3. Make respect everyone’s business and create a safe workplace for all.
  4. Embed equitable flexibility for all genders.
  5. Reduce gender bias in recruitment and promotion processes.
  6. Invest in building the pipeline of women leaders.