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Australian Leaders Urged to Confront Resistance to Advancing Women

Australian Leaders Urged to Confront Resistance to Advancing Women

“When you’re making a change of this kind, if things don’t work it’s because there are forces
that keep it in place. They deal with status, with political power, with economic power, and it
takes courage and tremendous work to change,”

– Andy Vesey, CEO AGL.

Senior leaders in business, government, education and community are calling on all employers to continue to improve the representation of women in leadership, address resistance and be prepared to engage with the range of responses to gender equality initiatives.

Backlash and Buy In: Responding to the Challenges in Achieving Gender Equality released today by Chief Executive Women and Male Champions of Change acknowledges that backlash is a natural part of change. Leaders must accept that gender equality initiatives are embraced by some and resisted by others, and make efforts to uncover the underlying drivers of resistance.




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Now more than ever it’s important for CEOs and Chairs to show they are neither fazed by backlash nor will their commitment waver. Leadership is key to achieving gender balance in Australian organisations. – Kathryn Fagg, President Chief Executive Women There is a demonstrated business case for gender equality. Evidence shows it improves the bottom...