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At our current pace, Australia will achieve leadership equality in 100 years’ time. This is the fast track to equality, turning what could be 100 years of snail-paced change into 10.

Led by the most disruptive voices, the CEW Leadership Summit will ignite a chain reaction to fast-track an equal future.

The CEW Leadership Summit will identify tangible actions that we can all take to accelerate change. We need diverse women leaders at every decision-making table; we need workplace flexibility for all to work and care; we need to ensure women are economically secure and free from violence; and we need women’s workforce participation across all sectors within all roles.

Hear from the change-makers and Australia’s most influential leaders who are activating this new momentum.Join us in Melbourne on Wednesday 6 September and help us set a new Agenda for the next 10 years. #Agenda2033

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