Women are significantly under-represented in decision-making in Australia. More diversity through female voices at every level of leadership will deliver better decisions and more equitable outcomes for Australia.

CEW aims to achieve greater gender balance through:

  • Female leaders – to enhance career opportunities for managers to senior level executives aiming for a role in the C-suite
  • Organisation leaders – to drive the advancement of women and develop best practice gender action plans

Below are 2 key Leadership Programs CEW currently operates to deliver our mission and grow the number of women in senior executive roles.

The CEW Leaders Program
A bespoke leadership program developed to inspire and equip women to fulfil their leadership potential. The program provides women with the skills to take their place alongside men so that organisations deliver the best possible outcome for customers, shareholders and the community.
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COVID Update
The CEW Leaders Program
will resume in September 2020 with a mix of virtual and face-to-face sessions. Please contact Michelle Woolven for further information.

CEW Connect
A community of women leaders that are either a CEW scholars or a graduate of the CEW Leaders Program.

These women leaders come together through live events, social platforms and an online community,to build relationships with some of Australia’s most senior women leaders: CEW members.
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