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Ignite your leadership and presence at the decision-making table

CEW’s Executive Leaders Program is a bespoke retreat for exceptional leaders to amplify their impact, gravitas and personal brand.

There is no other program like this.

The ability to step into your gravitas can be difference between success and failure. The Executive Leaders Program supports senior women in in overcoming these perceptions and super-charging their career trajectory.

It is our anecdotal experience that many highly experienced women are overlooked for more senior positions because of a perception of a lack of ‘gravitas’ or ‘executive presence’. Whilst there is no doubt on the level of commitment, their personal style may be perceived as less effective in Board level environments where control is less important than influence – where what you say and how you say it really matters to ensure your opinions are heard.

The Executive Leaders Program breaks down gravitas into five core elements and focus points – strength, self, story, presence, and resonance – where you are invited to develop new skills, unlearn habitual patterns and become open and authentic in your unconscious competence of this new level of gravitas.

Sarah Rowley 
CEW General Manager, Leadership Development 

Program Dates

The Executive Leaders Program is a 5 day immersive retreat. The cost of the program is $15,000 (excluding GST), and includes accommodation and all day catering.

11 – 15 November 2024

Byron Bay

17 – 21 March 2025

Location TBC

5 – 9 May 2025

Location TBC

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