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Membership Criteria

CEW has an unwavering focus on including the most senior women in Australia as members regardless of where they live, their mode of employment (executive or non-executive) and the type of organisation they lead (not-for-profit, public or private sector). Membership is offered to women who meet the CEW Membership Criteria. Members retain lifetime membership, provided that members continue to pay annual membership fees and comply with the CEW Constitution and CEW Code of Conduct.

Our Membership Criteria focuses on keeping the bar high whilst widening our lens to ensure diversity amongst CEW’s membership.

Membership is by nomination through a CEW member. If you feel you meet the criteria, please reach out to the CEW members you know and discuss your nomination with them. All members are searchable on here.

The Membership Committee has compiled a list of examples of CEW member nominations that “meet” vs “does not meet” the current CEW membership criteria for reasons including (but not limited to) their role, reporting line, size of the organisation they work for, number of employees they manage. Please click here.

Nominations open:

The 2023 Nomination Round has now closed. The next Nomination Round will open in February 2024.

The nominee must meet the membership criteria and is a leader in her chosen field:

  • achieving one or more senior roles in organisations significant to Australia
  • being highly respected by peers
  • performing at the highest level within her sector (both currently and consistently)
  • demonstrating significant achievements
  • demonstrating significant influence within the Australian community

The nominee is a role model for women in Australia:

  • having a reputation for honesty, integrity, innovation and courage
  • respecting and working effectively with diverse people enabling all to contribute their best work and develop professionally
  • having energy, interest and motivation to contribute meaningfully to the community
  • demonstrating an active commitment to the promotion of women
  • being universally respected for generosity of spirit


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