Actuaries Institute Women Leaders in Data Science/AI Scholarship

Applications Open 29 April 2024
Applications Close 22 July 2024


 Scholar’s choice from approved shortlist

Course type

Short cosurse (3- 5 days)



Open to

Executive women working in data science or artificial intelligence


Stanford Graduate School of Business (USA), INSEAD (France or Singapore), or Oxford Saïd Business School (UK)

Partnered with

Actuaries Institute

The Actuaries Institute and CEW are offering a scholarship to one senior level woman working in data science or artificial intelligence specifically, who has at least three years’ senior executive experience within this sector as part of their overall career. The successful candidate can undertake their choice of:

Who should apply?

We are seeking experienced women sustainability practitioners, including environmental sustainability, corporate sustainability, and sustainable finance professionals, from across all sectors.
To be eligible to apply, you must meet the minimum selection criteria:
Senior executive (CEO, or no more than two levels down from CEO)
Three years’ senior executive experience in data science or artificial intelligence as a part of their overall career history
Endorsement from senior management or the Board of her organisation
Australian citizen or permanent resident
Inclusions and Obligations
The successful candidate must complete the chosen course within 12 months of award
This scholarship has a total value of $25,000 AUD, which can be used for tuition and a maximum travel allowance of AUD $3000 if required. If the total value of the course and travel exceeds the scholarship amount, the difference will be funded by the successful candidate
The successful candidate must commit to attending the whole course
The successful candidate is required to write a report about their scholarship experience and may be asked to speak at Actuaries Institute and/or CEW events
On completion of the course, the successful candidate will become a member of the CEW alumni community, Connect Women
* Please note that final admission to the Program is at the discretion of the Institution. In the unlikely event that the winner is not admitted to their course, CEW will work with them and the school to identify an appropriate alternative.

 “I have invested a lot of time in developing my leadership capabilities, and have a solid foundation, however I am at a point in my career where I need to take this to the next level.

“The program presents the opportunity to bring together my existing skills and, in exploring the challenges I face, identify areas where I can enhance them. I am aiming to gain a fresh perspective on how I can approach my role and new responsibilities, and how I can use my strengths to drive lasting change.”

Lisa Green
Data & AI Solutions Executive, Telstra, 2023 Scholar

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