Senior Executives Scholarships

Is it time you moved outside your comfort zone?

Take your executive leadership skills to a whole new level with one of 3 CEW scholarships to attend the online Executive Development Program at The Wharton School in 2021.

About the program

In today’s economy, business leaders are being tested in ways they previously could never have imagined. Preparing for the challenges ahead requires gaining new business acumen, updating leadership skills, and cultivating a different mindset that embraces uncertainty and rapid change. Wharton’s Executive Development Program (EDP) prepares rising executives to move from mastery of one focused area to success in a role with greater responsibility, readying them to lead their organisations through the massive disruption happening in industries everywhere. Visit The Wharton School.

Program dates
September 2021
(virtual & delivered in US EST)

Inclusions and obligations
The scholarships include course fees. Applicants must commit to attending the course online on the dates specified. The successful applicants must provide a report about their scholarship experience and may also be required to speak at CEW events.

Who should apply?
We are seeking executive managers who now lead key parts of their organisation and aspire to top leadership positions. Wharton’s Executive Development Program is designed for successful functional, country, or unit managers preparing to take on broader responsibilities that require leading outside their areas of education and experience.

To be eligible to apply, you must meet the minimum selection criteria:

  • Senior executive (i.e. Global or Regional lead, CEO, or no more than 3 levels down from CEO) in the private, public or not-for-profit sector
  • 6 or more years’ experience managing teams of 5 or more people, including managers
  • 5 or more years general management experience (i.e. business unit, line or functional management incorporating key responsibilities such as P&L management, strategic planning and people leadership)
  • Australian citizen or resident

APPLICATIONS OPEN 31 March 2021 and CLOSE 24 May 2021