CEW Executive Leaders Program

Gaining gravity through 'gravitas'

CEW’s mission is simple, clear and compelling, ‘women leaders enabling women leaders’. This new Program is designed for senior women seeking C-suite and Non-Executive Director roles where the ability to demonstrate impact and have resonance is critical. Our intent is to support senior women to super-charge their career trajectory into executive and board positions.

Many women are aspiring CEOs, Non-Executive Directors (NED) or indeed an NED looking to become the Chair and as such are seeking to enhance their impact, confidence and amplify their ‘gravitas’. Gravitas is such a nebulous and ambiguous ‘thing’ and is often seen as something ‘you are born with’. Many women are over-looked for more senior positions because of the perception of a lack of impact or resonance. Our intent is to overcome those perceptions and master the art (and science) of gravitas.

CEW Executive Leaders Program

Whether you consider yourself to be ‘amateur’ or a ‘professional’ this program will enable you to:

  • Build self-awareness of your unique strengths and how to leverage those of others.
  • Formulate your personal brand and narrative that clearly articulates your differentiation.
  • Develop presence and composure in difficult situations and moments of extreme pressure.
  • Feel confident, open and authentic in unconscious competence.
  • Develop body, voice and communication skills to be heard in hostile environments.

The CEW Executive Leaders Program is deliberately designed to be small and offered as a five-day residential retreat. This allows the time, space and focus to experiment with the concepts, learn new skills and build renewed gravitas.

We are partnering with Dr Louise Mahler who is a highly regarded senior executive coach and has an award-winning PhD in the wisdom of mind-body-voice connection that she has named ‘Vocal Intelligence’. Having worked with many Fortune 500 companies in this field she has a lifetime of being both innovative and transformative in her approach.

This Program is designed to be a catalyst for fundamental change and we encourage those looking to really embrace the opportunity to really transform their own leadership styles.

The Program is being offered at:

Hepburn Springs, VIC – Monday 31st October to Friday 4th November 2022

Hotel Bellinzona – Luxury Accommodation Daylesford

Byron Bay, NSW Monday 27th February to Friday 3rd March 2023

Crystalbrook Byron – Luxury Accommodation & Resort

If you are interested and would like to find out more about the CEW Executive Leaders Program, contact Sarah Rowley on srowley@cew.org.auto arrange a time to discuss in detail.


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