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Driving the Equality Agenda

It’s time to unpack what’s driving equality advocates 

CEW Podcasts – Driving the Equality Agenda

We all have a role to play when it comes to our shared mission to drive equality and accelerate the advancement of women.

To ignite thinking and give insights into the minds of some of the most prominent women leaders and male equality advocates in Australia, we have produced a brand-new podcast series, Driving the Equality Agenda.

Hosted by CEW member Ann Burns, this must-listen series is a fireside chat featuring speakers such as Hayley Foster, Sam Mostyn, Tsehay Hawkins and many more. 

Listen to feel inspired and motivated to make change. Hayley Foster, CEO of FullStop Australia said to listeners, “Everybody has spheres of influence, whether it be in the board room, on the floor of the office or worksite, or at home, on your sporting fields, in your community or households.”

It’s a space for unpolished, insightful and difficult conversations that will help us all drive towards the advancement of women and true equality.

Driving the Equality Agenda, listen now, wherever you get your podcasts. 

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Episode 1 – Advocacy and Compassion with Hayley Foster and Hunter Johnson

Hayley Foster, CEO of Full Stop Australia and Hunter Johnson, CEO of Man Cave discuss the power of role modelling. Hear all about workplace sexism, gender-based violence, navigating the patriarchy, misogyny in advertising and the influence that advocacy and compassion play in the journey towards true gender equality.  


Episode 2 – Self-Awareness with Dr Louise Mahler

Dr. Louise Mahler discusses why your body language speaks louder than words and how gravitas is built within the body. In this episode you will learn about the important role that self-awareness has for all women leaders, especially when it comes to driving the equality agenda.


Episode 3 – Communication and Confidence with Sam Mostyn AO

Former Chief Executive Women President and gender equality advocate Sam Mostyn explores where confidence comes from. Consider why gender roles limit us, the need for strong communication and confidence and how you could be a daring leader. 


Episode 4 – Embrace your difference: Confidence and Communication with Tsehay Hawkins

Diversity advocate and new Yellow Wiggle Tsehay Hawkins relays why The Wiggles changed direction and embraced diversity. We discuss the importance of representation and how confidence comes from embracing who you are.


Episode 5 – Empowering women for the good of all with Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz

CEW’s president Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, joins CEW member Ann Burns to discuss the critical importance of women’s participation in the workplace.

Hear how tackling digital bias, workplace ethics and underrepresentation can be a force of change to improve financial security for women and equality for all.

Episode 6 – Leading well by being well with Michele Chevalley Hedge

Acclaimed Nutritionist and Wellbeing Author Michele Chevalley Hedge, joins CEW member and Host Ann Burns to share her immense wisdom around nutrition and wellbeing. Hear about the connection between physical and mental resilience, how high performing people maintain wellness, and the importance of hacking stress as a leader.