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CEW and Bain Statement Regarding CEW Senior Executive Census 2022

CEW and Bain Statement Regarding CEW Senior Executive Census 2022

The CEW Senior Executive Census is collected annually in partnership with Bain & Company, from data available on company websites and in annual reports.

Data on the executive leadership teams for the companies in the CEW Senior Executive Census was collected in July 2022 from company websites, including Annual Reports and media releases.

This methodology has been in place since the CEW Senior Executive Census began in 2017.

Agathe Gross, Partner at Bain & Company, said, 

The accuracy of the CEW Senior Executive Census is very important. The 2022 Census reflects the methodology that the Census has used consistently since its inception.

CEW CEO Susan Metcalf said

The data tells us that in women’s leadership in Australia’s largest companies is slow, and in some cases stalling. We encourage all companies to show their women in leadership through their website and annual reports. We also encourage leaders to have a conversation about the CEW Census findings and the actions that they can take to increase women’s representation in leadership,

Ms Metcalf said.

The CEW Census released on 6 September stated that Flight Centre had no women in its senior executive team, when in fact its website shows it has two women on its ‘Global Task Force’. CEW and Bain have corrected the 2022 edition of the Census to reflect this information.

The CEW Senior Executive Census has now been updated and the revised version is available at:


Data on the executive leadership teams for the companies in the CEW Senior Executive Census was collected in July 2022 from company websites, including Annual Reports and media releases, and analysed by Bain & Company. Where an executive leadership team was not listed on the company’s website, the executives listed in the Key Management Personnel section of the most recent annual report were included. If any media releases were published on the company’s website outlining changes in executive leadership since the date of the most recent annual report, these changes were also reflected in the Census.

The CEW Senior Executive Census defines the executive leadership team as:

  1. All direct reports into the CEO, as at 1 July 2022
  2. All companies have been treated the same way for comparison year-on-year and between companies
  3. Executive chairs are not included, unless there is no CEO or managing director
  4. Executive directors and company secretaries are not included, except if explicitly listed as being part of the ELT. New CEOs are defined as those who were appointed between 1 July 2021 and 1 July 2022. Interim/Acting CEOs and CFOs are not included.

The full methodology is detailed in the CEW Senior Executive Census 2022 Report.

Media contact: Claire Morgan – 0422 228 285,



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