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CEW Governance Institute of Australia Scholarship

CEW Governance Institute of Australia Scholarship

Good corporate governance is important to the health and wellbeing of businesses, their employees, and our economy more broadly.

With that in mind, CEW is delighted to be entering into the second year of our partnership with the Governance Institute of Australia to offer another round of the CEW Governance Institute of Australia Scholarship. Scholars get the opportunity to study GIA’s Effective Director Course, or Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance.

As last year’s scholarship recipient Newland Global Group’s Executive Director Natasha Jha Bhaskar notes, women need to be better represented on boards, and supporting women to build governance skills is one way of driving that change.

“The scholarship is my opportunity to equip myself with the required board skills and contribute my current expertise to facilitate better-informed decision-making,” she says.

“As I aspire to expand my work profile, the “Effective Directors Course” will assist me in pursuing a board position, securing the tools and knowledge needed to successfully navigate board-level complexities.”

Paralympics Australia CEO and fellow scholar Catherine Clarke notes that further study is crucial to stay across governance best practice.

“Governance practice needs to evolve in pace with the world so continual development as a director is essential to stay current,” she says.

“I aspire to secure an international Board role and I really felt this (scholarship) will help me take that next step in my governance career.”

Do you want to grow your knowledge of good governance practices? We’re looking for two mid- to senior level leaders, with five or more years of management experience, who are deeply committed to corporate governance.

If that sounds like you, you can find more information and apply here.


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